Dreaming of others killing sheep

Dreaming of others killing sheep what does it mean? How about dreaming that someone else kills a sheep? The dream of someone kill a sheep has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Sheep is a lovely, gentle animal, sheep in reality is a symbol of good luck, the so-called "three sheep to open the Thai" is said to be this meaning. Dreaming of killing a sheep means that you will encounter great difficulties in the future, and there is a fear of failure in what you are doing now. To dream of someone killing a sheep means that something good will happen to a family member. For example, the father's position is promoted, increased salary, etc.. Your pocket money will of course also increase. Men dreaming that others kill sheep main travel, out of town, auspicious. A newcomer dreaming of killing a sheep will have ordinary luck, plans and actions have a derailment phenomenon, think a lot, more interested in new and innovative solutions, but often encounter a lot of difficulties in implementation, feel overwhelmed. A solitary person dreaming of someone killing a sheep foretells that your romance has its ups and downs. The first phase of the relationship is still in a repressed, non-public situation, but the dull air will gradually dissipate, and the contact with the person of your choice is becoming more and more smooth."