Dreaming of parachuting

What does dreaming of parachuting mean? Is it good to dream of parachuting? Dreams of parachute jumping have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Parachuting is an extreme sport that represents adventure and romance. In a dream, a parachute is very often a reflection of one's relationships and attitude towards life. Dreaming of parachuting, you will have good luck. To dream of a parachute means that you will live a more extreme life, without many friends, but those that you have are confidants. To dream that you are skydiving and it goes very well is a sign that your life will be very successful. Dreaming that you are skydiving but run into trouble indicates that you will be abandoned by someone you trust and will be injured. To dream that you use a parachute as you wish indicates that you will lose many opportunities in reality because you are afraid to do so. If you dream that you are parachuting from a high altitude in a plane, it means that your recent troubles will leave you, you can get out in the middle of the trouble, and also means that you are very bold and have a flamboyant personality. If you are afraid of heights, waking up in the dream of skydiving at high altitude, it means that m recently have to worry about things, and a lot of pressure, I am afraid that you are worried to the point that you can not sleep, you will have skydiving this dream! Take it easy, the bridge at the head of the boat is naturally straight, stay in the green hills where there is no firewood to burn. If you dream that you are in the air and can freely control the parachute, it means that you are very creative and brainy in reality, often coming up with strange ideas to solve problems, and your creativity adds a gold medal to your evaluation. If you dream that you are in trouble during a parachute jump, it means that you will be threatened recently, and if you are not able to solve it properly, it may lead to a bloodbath."