Dreaming of picking cucumbers

What does it mean to dream of picking cucumbers? Do you dream of picking cucumbers? Dreaming of picking cucumbers has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of picking cucumbers, a bad omen, will encounter hardship. A patient dreaming of picking cucumbers, his condition will worsen. A prisoner dreaming of picking cucumbers will have a longer sentence. A pregnant woman dreaming of a cucumber will give birth to a son. A pregnant woman dreaming of picking cucumbers needs to pay attention to her health and that of her child. Dreaming of a cucumber is very auspicious and indicates health and prosperity. A patient dreaming of consuming cucumber dishes indicates that he will soon recover his health. A family man dreaming of cucumbers means a pleasant change in his life. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation Dream of king melon (cucumber), auspicious. Dream of taking the king melon, the sacrifice is blessed; dream of eating the king melon, the main illness is cured, the darkness of the eye is restored to the light, the spleen leakage is stopped. The Dream Forest Interpretation Dream king melon (cucumber). Dream of taking the king melon, the main sacrifice to the gods to be blessed, to long filial enjoyment; dream of eating the king melon, the main disease that is cured, the eyes darkness back to light, spleen drainage will stop. The Secretaries of Dream Interpretation Case study of dreaming of cucumbers: Dream description: Recently, she always dreamed and often dreamed that she was looking in front of a very old house. One day, she dreamed that she was in front of this old house again, so she went inside, the house was empty, there was nothing, through the house, she came to the backyard, saw a vegetable garden, there was nothing in the middle, but in the corner there were a lot of cucumbers, the cucumbers were ripe, Xinyi saw a basket in the corner, she thought the cucumbers were ripe, so she picked them all, finally she She picked a basket full of cucumbers, and she carried it on her back and left with a happy heart. Dream Interpretation: In the dream, cucumber symbolizes prosperity. And dropping the cucumber is not good, something unfortunate will happen."