Dreaming of picking dates

What does it mean to dream of picking dates? Do you dream of picking dates? Dreaming of picking dates has realistic implications and reactions, as well as the dreamer's subjective imagination. Dreaming of picking dates is a good omen, life will be rich. A businessman dreaming of picking dates will find a good project to make money. A woman dreaming of picking dates will have a rich life. A woman dreaming of dates foretells the dreamer to abstain from fasting. To dream of eating sweet dates foretells that the dreamer will be diligent and frugal. To dream of gathering dates foretells the dreamer of expanding business. To dream of selling dates foretells that the dreamer will become the most popular person in the area. Dreaming of giving dates to others, you will be loved by the people for your hard work in serving them. If you dream that dates are scattered everywhere, you will get into trouble with your relatives. To dream that someone gives you dates foretells a change in the dreamer's fortune. Dreaming that a friend gives you dates, you will be deprived of your property and freedom. It is a good dream to see green dates and a dry dragon in the sky. It means you will be promoted and get rich, and you will gain the trust of others. To dream of eating sour dates is an ominous sign, and its health is affected. A businessman dreaming of eating dates foretells that the dreamer's business will develop abroad. A patient dreaming of eating dates foretells that the dreamer will recover soon. A traveler dreaming of eating dates is a bad omen, something other than that may happen on the road. To dream that a servant eats dates while working foretells that the dreamer is demoted or suspended from his job."