Dreaming of picking grapes

What does it mean to dream of picking grapes? How about dreaming of picking grapes? Dreaming of picking grapes has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of picking grapes, you will lose hearts! A pregnant woman dreaming of picking grapes foretells that she will give birth to multiple children. A man dreaming of a vine will be successful in his career. A woman dreaming of planting a grape tree means that her children will become a family and her husband will become rich. The whole family will live happily. An old man dreaming of planting a grape tree will have five generations together and live longer than the South Mountain. A businessman dreaming of planting a grape tree is an omen for a business deal that will surely prosper and make a fortune. Dreaming of someone planting a vine will be difficult. A recidivist dreaming that someone plants a vine will be sent to jail. Dreaming of a withered vine, bad luck will come one after another. To dream of bunches of grapes is a sign that you will meet many new friends. To dream of ripe purple grapes means that one will be on a good path in life and should be celebrated. Rotting grapes in a dream represent sacrifices, and dreaming of rotting grapes foretells that one must give up certain substances in order to reach the desired goal. Dreaming of wine, like dreaming of blood, symbolizes the sacrifice to be made. To dream of eating rotten grapes means to suffer bad luck."