Dreaming of planting peanuts

What does dreaming of planting peanuts mean? How about dreaming of planting peanuts? Dreaming of planting peanuts has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of planting peanuts, great luck, will have good luck. A businessman dreaming of planting peanuts will get rich in business. The patient dreamed of planting peanuts, the body will soon recover health. Dreaming of planting peanuts but the peanuts withered means that there will be obstacles in the path of career development. Dreaming of peanuts represents the ability to achieve happiness because peanuts represent restraint and unobtrusiveness. If you dream of eating peanuts, you will get rich through hidden means. To dream of eating rotten peanuts means that you will be living on charity. To dream of losing peanuts means business is not going well. A sick person dreaming of peanuts means his health will recover. A pregnant woman who dreams of eating peanuts will give birth to a son."