Dreaming of playing billiards Playing billiards

Dreaming of playing billiards Playing billiards What does it mean? How about dreaming of playing billiards and pool? The dream to see playing billiards and pool has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Billiards is a sport played on a table in which a white ball is hit with a cue to get other balls into the hole. In dreams, billiard balls represent some of the arguments and troubles in everyday life. Dreaming that you are trying to play pool but can't, means that you are powerless in the face of some bad things happening around you. Dreaming that you are playing billiards or pool with someone indicates that you will have difficulties and troubles. Be careful to beware of getting involved in lawsuits or getting into quarrels in your daily life. If you see a stationary billiard ball on the pool table in your dream, it suggests that a companion may betray you, so be careful. To dream of pool or billiards is a sign of an impending cold, red fever or other epidemic disease, or you may suffer a loss because someone else is bailing you out. To dream of playing billiards means that you are very focused on the matter of playing billiards, indicating that you are fascinated by and enjoy the recreational activity, a reflection of the dreamer's inner desire to become a master in this area."