Dreaming of playing poker

What does dreaming of playing poker mean? Do you dream of playing poker? Dreaming of playing poker has realistic implications and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. If you dream of playing poker with someone for fun, the hope that has been inspiring you to get ahead is about to come true, and all the annoying minor illnesses will disappear. But dreaming of playing poker and gambling, you will be in a serious predicament. If you dream of losing a poker game, you will have an encounter with your enemy; if you win, you will eventually prove yourself legitimate, but the process is tortuous. A young woman dreaming of her sweetheart playing a poker game will give her reason to doubt his supposed good intentions. In playing the game of poker, dreaming of diamonds indicates wealth; dreaming of clubs indicates that your spouse will be difficult and from time to time you will have to explain yourself for going out, which may not be so easy to cope with; dreaming of hearts indicates loyalty and a comfortable environment; dreaming of spades, you will unfortunately become a widow and a load of debts to drag out."