Dreaming of playing video games

Dreaming of playing video games what does it mean? Do you dream of playing video games? Dreams of playing video games have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreams of video games have two meanings, one is entertainment and relaxation, but escape from reality, no matter whether you dream of playing the arcade or playing computer games, there is some kind of escape within the psychology, especially in the dream reflects the desire is particularly strong desire during the day. Dreaming of playing video games, school and career will decline and you will get criticism from teachers and superiors. A woman dreaming of playing video games will be blamed by her husband or mother-in-law for neglecting household chores. To dream that you are participating in a challenge TV show, or a quiz show, on the one hand, suggests that you may be somewhat lacking in self-confidence and want more recognition and rewards; on the other hand, it may be just the opposite, indicating that you are not having the opportunity to show your strength, or not getting a fair reward, and some loss and frustration. If in the dream, you are very impressed by the rich prizes, prizes, such a dream may also indicate that you are in a bad financial situation in the near future, worrying about money. In addition, sometimes, having such a dream may also indicate that you have an interest in your heart to participate in the show or expect to be drawn as a lucky audience member as well."