Dreaming of pooping

What does dreaming of pooping mean? How about dreaming of pooping? Dreaming of pooping has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The subconscious mind wants to discard its bad ideas or correct its bad habits and start a new and positive life, and this attitude is worthy of recognition. The toilet in the dream symbolizes the dreamer's need for secret sex and the desire to freely vent his feelings in his own space. A woman dreaming of pooping in a public toilet will be stigmatized and discriminated against. Dreaming that you have fallen into the toilet, or fallen in and climbed out again, are predictions of good luck, to find a way to make money, or get a large amount of money unexpectedly. To dream that you are pooping in public indicates that you are angry inside at not getting enough recognition or reward from society. To dream of cleaning the bathroom indicates that the dreamer wants to get rid of and remove all negative elements. To dream that the toilet is dirty is a sign that you need to clean up the garbage in your mind. Dreaming of having feces on your body or stepping on feces, fortune comes to you; you will have your heart's desire and everything will go well. A man dreaming of pooping in a public toilet should pay attention to physical illness. A woman who dreams of pooping in a public toilet will be stigmatized and discriminated against."