Dreaming of pulling fiber

What does dreaming of pulling fiber mean? How about dreaming of pulling fiber? Dreaming of pulling fiber has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the dreamer's subjective imagination. Dreaming of a slender man pulling a slender scene, or dreaming that you are pulling a slender, usually indicates that you are feeling unusually heavy in life, or are deeply weighed down by heavy burdens such as relationships, and are unable to breathe. A man dreaming of a ship moored at the dock will soon have to leave the country by ship. A married woman dreaming of a ship moored at the pier will be separated from her husband. An unmarried woman dreaming that she sees a ship moored at the pier will marry a rich businessman. Dreaming of a ship passing in front of you, to break your fortune. Dreaming that a ship is coming towards you will make a great fortune. A businessman dreaming of a ship coming to him, going abroad to do business, can make a lot of money. Dreaming of a ship full of cargo, you can find a good job. To dream of an empty ship, you will lose your financial resources. To dream of a warship, you can defeat the enemy. A naval officer dreaming of a warship will be able to obtain the highest military medal in future battles. A crew member dreaming of a ship is going on a happy trip. Dreaming that there are many ships will bring you good luck. Dreaming of building a boat, you will do low-paying jobs. Dreaming of a broken ship, calamity will befall."