Dreaming of quarrelling with colleagues

What does it mean to dream of quarrelling with colleagues? Is it good to dream of a quarrel with a colleague? Dreams of arguing with colleagues have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of arguing with a colleague means that you need to vent in your mind, probably because of the recent stress in your life. Staff dreaming of quarreling with their superiors, will be promoted and increase their salary. (Provided by the official website of Zhou Gong Dream Interpretation) Dreaming of a quarrel with a subordinate, you will handle your affairs properly. Investors dreaming of colleagues quarreling, the main financial luck is average, income and expenditure plans will lose meaning due to unexpected circumstances. It is better to prepare more liquidity to cope with emergency situations. A young person dreaming of a colleague quarrelling foretells that your health is still weak, and a stimulating diet is more likely to trigger gastrointestinal discomfort. Psychology dream interpretation Dream and colleagues quarrel, suggesting that the dreamer colleagues as their partners in the work, inevitably there will be competition, comparison, there are interests or other aspects of the conflict, and sometimes make their own pressure, remind the dreamer in dealing with these conflicts, their first thought of the solution should be to peace, after all, under the same roof, heads up and down, if you let any of them spoil their mood, maybe the future losses may be their own. And get along with colleagues, in the eyes of the boss, the dreamer's weight will be on another level, because the harmonious handling of interpersonal relationships is not only a need for survival, but also for work and life."