Dreaming of quarrelling with friends

What does it mean to dream of quarrelling with friends? Is it good to dream of a quarrel with a friend? The dream of a quarrel with a friend has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of quarrels with friends, dreaming of quarrels may suggest that the dreamer's potential psychological pressure is too much, the dreamer may have been under excessive pressure in life, work or love, or encountered unfair things by the aggrieved, there are many negative emotions accumulated over a long period of time can not find a breakthrough, in reality can not vent; so it is reflected in the subconscious, in the dream to vent out. To dream of arguing with a friend implies that there are conflicts, conflicts, disagreements, etc. between the dreamer and his friend, but they are not spoken to each other, or it may imply that there is a communication problem between the dreamer and his friend, this dream may belong to the dream of venting, if you feel some dissatisfaction with your friend, you may dream of arguing with your friend, this is just a dream triggered by the subconscious mind to adjust the mental balance. Dreaming of quarreling with a friend foretells a good relationship with a friend and smooth development of feelings, however, prevent misunderstandings to make both sides suffer from the damage! Unmarried men and women dreaming of quarreling with friends, foretelling your love affair with the other party may change heart, no results. Candidates dreaming of quarrelling with friends foretells your studies: at present you may find it difficult to read a part quietly, always distracted by other things, and during exams you will find that those things you have memorized may be easily forgotten. Dream and boyfriend quarrel, suggesting that the dreamer in the relationship with her boyfriend, eager to get more care, more love boyfriend, in fact, as long as the two sides can be honest with each other, together to solve the differences between each other, is the omen of a more intimate relationship. dream and girlfriend quarrel, implying that the dreamer wants the other party to be more gentle, suggesting that the dreamer communicate more with his girlfriend, patiently listen to what kind of concerns his girlfriend actually has, as long as the two together to actively solve, the relationship will be healthy and long-lasting, why people want to fall in love, is for love, we live in order to make themselves happy, make the people around them happy, the relationship has developed to a certain extent we get married, that is to make this love complete and The love is complete and full, and can grow old together, forever. Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: Dreaming of quarrels symbolizes clutter and noise, there will be confrontation with people. Psychological analysis: To dream of quarreling with your wife, the couple may be in love and live happily. Dreaming of quarreling with relatives and friends, the whole family may get along well and get help from friends in times of crisis. Dreaming of quarreling with enemies, everything may go well. A staff member dreaming of quarreling with his superior may get a promotion and salary increase. To dream of quarreling with a subordinate, one may handle one's affairs properly. To dream of quarreling with a dead person, one may be strong and healthy and live longer than the South Mountain. A married woman dreaming of quarreling with her husband may give birth to a boy. A woman dreaming of quarrelling with her neighbor, her property will be safe. A married woman dreaming of quarreling with a beggar, her husband may be poor and destitute. A young girl dreaming of quarreling with her parents, she may soon marry into a rich family. To dream of having a quarrel with one's wife is an ominous sign that the family may be broken. To dream of a quarrel with a friend, one may lose the help of people."