Dreaming of rescue

What does dreaming of rescue mean? How about dreaming of rescue? Dreams of rescue have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream that you will be rescued from whatever danger you are in foretells that you will succeed in escaping the threat of misfortune at the cost of a small loss. To dream of rescuing others is a sign that your good deeds will win the respect of others. I dreamed that my enemy was rescued and I would be brutally tortured. A woman dreamed that her husband was rescued and the couple would quarrel. A woman dreaming that her lover is rescued will never be married. Dreaming of assisting your wife, the life of the couple will be very happy and fulfilling. A woman dreaming of rescuing her husband will make herself richer with gifts from her parents. Dreaming of rescuing a friend from difficulty or danger, you will get help from a friend in a time of crisis. To dream of rescuing one's enemy means that one can defeat the enemy. A businessman dreaming of saving someone who works for him will be rich and happy. A prisoner dreaming of someone rescuing him or her will be sentenced to life imprisonment. A sick person dreaming that someone rescues him/her will soon recover his/her health. An unmarried man dreaming of rescuing a reputable woman from danger may have the two become life partners. Dreams of rescuing a relative or friend from the hands of a robber or an enemy will encounter obstacles in one's path."