Dreaming of rowing

What does dreaming of rowing mean? How about dreaming about rowing? Dreams of rowing have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming that you and others are in a rowboat predicts that you will have a lot of fun with cheerful people who are practiced in life experience. To dream of a boat capsizing is a sign that you will commit yourself to a very tempting career and make yourself suffer financial losses. To dream that you lose in a rowing race foretells that you will lose to your rival and your lover will no longer like you. If you dream that you are the winner of a competition, it foretells that in love, things will go smoothly, while your career is also in a good situation. Dreaming of a yacht ride, business will continue to prosper. Dreaming of driving a yacht with your wife, the couple's life will be happy and fulfilling. Dreaming of someone riding a speedboat, a great disaster will come. A woman dreaming that her husband is driving a yacht, the couple will have a bad relationship. A sick person dreaming of a yacht ride will soon recover. To dream of a speedboat means you are a fast-paced person."