Dreaming of shooting

What does dreaming of shooting mean? Do you dream of shooting? Dreams of shooting have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The shooting scene in your dream indicates that you have great fear within you, or have extreme anger and a desire to vent it. To dream of raising a gun and shooting yourself indicates that you may have feelings of fear, anger or the need to vent your desires. In addition this dream also reminds you that you must learn to control your emotions and adjust your mind. Dreaming of shooting at a firing range, raising a gun but hesitating, suggests that you have some unclear purpose in your work or life, and thus also lack a serious and decisive attitude and persistence in not giving up until you achieve your goal. Dreaming of hearing gunshots or someone shooting, on the one hand, could be a warning to remind you to be more vigilant in the face of impending danger, and on the other hand, a reminder to take care of your rest and keep your energy levels high. To dream that you are shot or shot dead implies that you will suffer a setback or suffer a serious emotional trauma. (The official website of Zhou Gong Dream Interpretation ) A man having such a dream may also indicate that you do not want to be the object of someone's anger. A woman having such a dream may also indicate that you are very traditional in your approach to love and sex, behaving cautiously and conservatively, not easily indulging yourself, and occasionally crossing the line in a way that will cause you to strongly self-condemn. The dream of shooting someone with a gun or pistol is not unlucky, it means you will travel far away or have happy news sent from far away. However, if you want to shoot the other person, but temporarily no bullets, this is a bad dream, will suddenly occur ominous events, if the patient has this dream, it means that the death is near. Chowder Stock Market To dream of shooting someone with a gun or pistol, the stock market suggests buying only the stocks you have in mind and not the rest. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation If you shoot people, you will be the main traveler; if people shoot you, there will be pedestrians arriving. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: If shooting occurs in the dream, such as shooting a gun, etc., it indicates that you understand your belligerence and your desire to hurt others. If someone shoots at the dreamer, it indicates a warning that danger is imminent. If you personally handle the gun and shoot, it indicates that you know you are vulnerable to being hurt. Psychoanalysis: You should understand how much ammunition you have in total, and you should know how many resources you have when you need to use them. Spiritual symbolism: from a spiritual point of view, the presence of shooting in a dream indicates a strong desire to satisfy sexual desire and indicates an attempt to control it. Case study of dreaming of shooting Dream description: In sports, I prefer shooting sports, and probably for this reason, shooting also appears in my dreams. I dreamed that I was shooting continuously at the shooting range with no bullets and one shot hitting the tenth ring. (Male, 31 years old) Dream Interpretation: A shooting dream means a long trip and visit. To dream of a shooting match indicates that your work or life is now more intense and busy. To dream that you shoot someone else indicates that you are going to travel far away in the near period. To dream of someone shooting yourself indicates that you will be visited by someone from far away."