Dreaming of shooting arrows Bow and arrow

Dreaming of shooting arrows Bow and arrow What does it mean? How is it to dream of archery and arrows? Dreams of archery and arrows have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Work goes well and everything goes smoothly. However, if the arrow shot in the dream is shot at your own body, you have to be careful of everything, such as petty people and traffic accidents. The person who has shot must be the master of a long journey. People shooting have already arrived. The person who holds the bow at an early age is very lucky. The string of the bow is broken, the main evil. People send bows to get manpower. Crossbow strings are hard to get on brothers scattered. The bows are fighting with each other to create arguments. Psychology dream interpretation Dream interpretation: the main work of archery goes well and everything goes well. Psychological analysis: If the arrow shot in the dream is shot at one's own body, one should beware of everything, such as verbal and non-verbal, traffic accidents, etc. Case study of dreaming of archery bow and arrow Dream description: In the dream I went back to some previous time when I was the princess of the castle and set a man (I don't know who) on a disc for him to spin and then shot him with a bow and arrow. In fact I had this dream several times, so I remember it fondly. (Female, 18 years old) Dream Analysis: Dreams appear in ancient times as a manifestation of the deep subconscious; the castle is the center that dominates an area and represents the heart of the dreamer. To set a male on a disc with the intention of shooting him down with an arrow is a very positive gesture, indicating a strong inner masculine spirit that is very active in both work and relationships."