Dreaming of shopping

What does dreaming of shopping mean? How about dreaming of shopping? Dreams of shopping have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of shopping indicates a comfortable life, economic prosperity and small fortune. Dreams of buying things have a selection process, but also symbolizes the choice, weighing the importance of the gains and losses, it is possible that in the prompt work and life, to choose carefully, or do not hesitate too much and miss great opportunities. Dreaming that you are shopping in front of a foreign trade counter, or in a luxurious place such as an import store, may also indicate your inner vanity. Dreaming that you are shopping in the ground, night markets, small commodity markets, etc., may indicate that the actual money is not as good as it should be. Dreaming of shopping at a commission house or fashion store also suggests that there may be ups and downs in a relationship, perhaps you have another crush on someone else in your heart, or perhaps you feel that your lover has a crush on someone else and wish you could be more attractive to your beloved's eyes. To dream of shopping in a department store foretells that you will receive good news or have an unexpected surprise. To dream of shopping with mother and parents indicates that the dreamer is dependent, not yet independent enough financially and consciously, and still has difficulty in bearing the pressure alone. To dream of shopping with your lover usually foretells that you will get the expected gift. However, if Maple and his girlfriend buy consumer goods such as appliances, TVs and beds, it has obvious implications, suggesting that your relationship will develop further, with the possibility of cohabitation or marriage. To dream of shopping with your husband or wife indicates a rich and comfortable life and a warm and harmonious family. To dream of shopping with friends indicates that the dreamer has many friends and will be supported by them in times of need, and will live a happy life and work well. To dream that one is shopping selectively implies that the dreamer is a sensible person who is good at making prudent choices in life, judging the value of importance, etc., and pays much attention to organization. Dreaming that you are in a shopping frenzy, or spend money recklessly, sweeping the streets to buy a lot of things, it is possible to remind the dreamer to pay attention to saving, or is likely to soon face the "moonbeam" situation, may also be borrowed from others to spend the day. To dream of buying food in a supermarket means that you will get closer to your friends and relatives, have good feelings and be busy running around for interactions. Dreaming of shopping in a handicraft store foretells that you will meet your sweetheart and fall in love. Dreaming of shopping in a shoe store foretells that you may break your fortune or have debts but cannot collect them. Dreaming of looking through various books in a bookstore, your luck in health is down. The fatigue for unknown reasons haunts you, and you can't do anything with energy. It is best to exercise your body in the field at this time. Psychology dream interpretation Dream interpretation: dreaming of shopping is a good omen. Psychoanalysis: Dreaming of shopping in a fashion store will cast a shadow on the romance front. Although the relationship with the lover is as desired, the heart is attracted to another person of the opposite sex, which may eventually lead to a breakup. Dreaming of buying food in the supermarket, interpersonal relationships will improve, especially between close friends will be closer, vacation visits to each other, companion outings may become more frequent. Dreaming of buying this and that in a department store, although insignificant, there may be a small happy thing, such as a letter from a friend you haven't seen for a long time, or a temporary allowance from your father, etc. You can spend a happy day. Dreaming of shopping in a craft store is a good omen in terms of the opposite sex. Within two months, you will certainly be able to get close to the ideal person of the opposite sex. To dream of shopping in a shoe store, money luck declines. Lending money to a friend, but the other party forgets all about it, and is too embarrassed to mention it to the other party, so you have to admit your own bad luck. Dreaming of buying all kinds of books in a bookstore, luck in health declines. It will be haunted by unexplained fatigue, can not do anything to raise the spirit, it is best to go to the field to exercise. A woman dreaming of buying property, her husband may be sick, so she should take precautions at this time."