Dreaming of skiing

What does dreaming of skiing mean? Do you dream of skiing? Dreams of skiing have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of skiing indicates that the dreamer's mood is very excited lately and he is prone to do something impulsive, so think twice before doing anything and don't do it regardless of the consequences. In the dream, the great pleasure brought by skiing down the slope at speed symbolizes the great pleasure brought by the sexual act. The complex emotions such as worry and nervousness at the time of the whereabouts also suggest emotions about certain sexual acts, such as nervousness when cheating, or feelings of guilt. Pregnant women dreaming of skiing need to pay more attention to their health. A businessman dreaming of skiing foretells that the dreamer's business may suffer a big ups and downs, and the final success will depend mainly on your own ability. An employee dreaming of skiing foretells that the dreamer may have to experience a job transfer, possibly a promotion or a demotion, depending on your recent work performance and work ability. The patient dreamed of skiing, foretelling the dreamer's condition will be aggravated, need to strengthen the treatment to be able to heal, otherwise the longer the delay is more bad for the body. A man dreaming of skiing foretells that the dreamer may be doing something more adventurous, but without absolute certainty, so he is easily nervous. A woman dreaming of skiing foretells that the dreamer should not be too hasty in her relationship, and it is best to understand clearly the character of the other party before making further plans."