Dreaming of skipping class

What does dreaming of skipping class mean? Do you dream of skipping class? Dreaming of skipping class has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of skipping class indicates that recent work or study has been stressful and has created boredom in your mind. Dreaming of skipping school implies that you wish in your heart to reduce your burden, breathe a sigh of relief and lead an easy life soon. In addition, it may also indicate that because of the heavy academic load has led to a decline in your health, this dream is reminding you that you had better relax and unwind properly in the near future, otherwise let the continuous fatigue of the body at once sick, will cause more damage. http:/// Dreaming of skipping school or skipping work to take a walk in the park, or go to the movies during work or study hours, etc., implies that you may have bad friends around you with bad intentions who will cause you great damage. Dreaming of skipping class means that it is easy to get a bad stomach from food. The persuasion of your relatives is your appetite for indulgence, do not indulge yourself because of their "do not waste" "eat a little more is fine" words. Be especially careful if you want to go out, the feeling of looking for a toilet in the street can be unpleasant! To dream of skipping class (or missing class) with a friend foretells some shadows in your health in the near future and advises you to be careful to prevent them. Dreaming of others skipping class (or absenteeism) foretells that you are more or less averse to school, suggesting that you should adjust your mind and ease your emotions properly might be good."