Dreaming of slaughter

What does it mean to dream of slaughter? Is it good to dream of slaughter? Dreams of slaughter have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. A man dreaming of slaughter will be successful in his career. But a woman dreaming of slaughter will regret for doing her own lowly job. When you dream of killing someone, you will get friendship. If you dream of killing your wife, your wife will love you more. Dreaming of killing your husband, your husband will live a long life. Dreaming of killing your friend, you will get help from your friend when necessary. If you dream of killing your enemies, you will soon be attacked by enemies with ferocity. A prisoner dreaming of killing a prison official Guan will be released from prison soon. To dream of slaughtering animals is an ominous sign that misfortune and illness will come."