Dreaming of smoking

What does dreaming of smoking mean? How about dreaming of smoking? Dreaming of smoking has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. If a man dreams that he is smoking, it is a good omen that the dreamer will be rich in the near future and will be very rich. A woman dreaming of smoking is a bad sign, it is likely that she will be unexpectedly insulted by others in the near future or fail in something she has been waiting for, or she may suffer from a disease and need a detailed examination of herself. A young girl dreaming of smoking cigarettes implies that she will marry a family with prestige. A businessman dreaming that he smokes means that his business will have a big development in the near future, and he will probably go abroad to develop related business and will have a big fortune. A prisoner dreaming that he smokes will regain his freedom and be released in the near future. A worker dreaming that he is smoking a cigarette, the dreamer will have the opportunity to earn a lot of money on that day and should pay more attention to it. If a patient dreams that he or she is smoking, the disease will not improve in the near future, but will be bedridden for a long time. Dreaming of many people smoking together, the dreamer will be loved and supported by people and may be promoted in his position. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation Dream of eating smoke, bad. Smoke is the residual gas of fire, this dream is the main unconscious image, dream of this person must prevent disaster. The sick dream this, I am afraid that the old disease recurrence; work dream this, I am afraid of losing good opportunities. In addition, it is necessary to prevent the disaster of fire and candle. The Interpretation of Dreams and Forests Dream of swallowing smoke. The Lord will have strife with words, or illness, or fire will come suddenly. The Secretaries of Dreams Dreaming of swallowing smoke. The main mouth and tongue strife, the villain is good, adults are not. Prevent illness and fire. Dream Forest Interpretation Smoke in dreams. This is an omen of prosperity for the family, and the master is well clothed and well fed, rich and auspicious. The Secretaries of Dreams Another person smokes, the Lord will get money. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: In a dream smoke is a hint of danger, especially if you cannot put out the fire. If you dream that you smoke, it indicates that you try to control your fears. If you smoke in real life and quit in your dream, this symbolizes the resolution of the problem. If the smoker does quit, your dream is often about a past addiction. Psychoanalysis: Smoke in a dream symbolizes passion, perhaps not yet "lit". In addition, smoke also represents purification - for example, with incense - or pollution. Spiritual symbolism: On a spiritual level, smoke in dreams symbolizes prayers or offerings for ascension into heaven. In addition, smoke is a graphic representation of the ascension of the soul."