Dreaming of snatching the enemy's gun

Dreaming of snatching the enemy's gun what does it mean? How about dreaming of snatching an enemy's gun? Dreams of snatching the enemy's gun have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of snatching an enemy's gun will destroy prestige. To dream of shooting a gun reminds the dreamer to think more before doing anything, and to make a decision after thinking deeply about everything, which will certainly not be subject to any. To dream that one has killed a man with a gun reminds the dreamer that he will be blamed by public opinion and may face failure; the dreamer should be firm in his confidence. To dream of gunfire is a reminder that the dreamer has mishandled aspects and needs to re-plan. Women dreaming of gunshots, remind the dreamer to pay attention to the way of communication in dealing with people, do not happen with people, otherwise there will be losses in terms of reputation. Dreaming with a gun reminds the dreamer not to be too careless, as long as out, to be a good door to prevent theft. To dream of a gun going off reminds the dreamer that something less than desirable will happen. To dream that someone shoots at you and is not hurt means that even though the dreamer may be accused of a crime, it will be due to insufficient evidence. Dreaming that the barrel of the gun blew up when the trigger was pulled means that misfortune comes from deception, reminding the dreamer to be careful in making friends, in addition to getting along with friends to be sincere and not too self-centered. To dream of being hit by a robbery means that the dreamer will soon have to, or will have to attend the wedding of a close relative. To dream of buying a pistol foretells that the dreamer will be promoted to a higher position. To dream of selling a handgun is a reminder that the dreamer may lose some. To dream of doing business of buying and selling pistols means that the dreamer will be valued by national leaders and receive honorary titles. Dreaming of loading bullets into a pistol, the dreamer will get help from friends if encountered. To dream of getting a pistol means that the dreamer will be highly respected. To dream of stealing a pistol reminds the dreamer that he needs to work harder to get more financial resources. To dream of losing a pistol means that the dreamer is very affectionate, a very responsible person who can live and die with his family and share the hardships. A businessman dreaming of throwing away a pistol means prosperous business. To dream of snatching someone's pistol reminds the dreamer not to be too flashy in his daily life, or he may encounter bad guys robbing him. To dream of being shot by a gun is an omen of greater suspicion and inner insecurity, whether you always feel that someone is going to hurt you, or you have recently encountered certain problems but do not have the courage to face them. It also proves that recently you have some negative emotions hidden in your heart, which are reflected in the dream in the form of a gun, which can reveal the emotions you should be in recently. To dream that you are killed by a gun is related to a sense of denial in your life or to encounter some setbacks and failures."