Dreaming of someone cutting my hair

Dreaming of someone cutting my hair what does it mean? How about dreaming that someone cuts my hair? The dream of someone cut my hair has realistic implications and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream that someone cut my hair is an omen of prosperity. To dream that your hair is cut during the day is a sign of getting rich. To dream that your hair is cut at night, you will have unfortunate news. A woman dreaming that her hair is cut prevents gynecological inflammation. To dream that someone cuts your hair is a good sign that you will be promoted. But to dream that someone cuts your hair means poverty and serious illness. If you dream that you cut your own hair, then it means that you have to quarrel with your close friend or relative, and the responsibility lies with you! If you dream of cutting your hair is the other party, then it is the cause of the quarrel lies in the other party. Dream of strangers cutting your hair, is to quarrel with strangers, but found that the hair is still not missing, that is, you did not suffer a little loss, quarrel is fine, you will be fine! Dreaming of cutting hair with scissors foretells that one will part with a loved one, and that a loved one in the family will suffer misfortune and calamity; it may also indicate a desire to get away from annoying dreams of people cutting their own hair: there will be unfortunate news. Married people dreaming of someone cutting their own hair to go away, a short trip can be, but not far away. A woman dreaming of someone cutting her own hair is the recent luck: start creating, suffering after suffering, to have the will to struggle hard, head down and hard work, in order to overcome all difficulties, great success. Night dream, dreamed that a friend cut off the front bangs of his hair, because it was so hard to stay long, when he was very distressed. But the back thought of cutting it off, by the way, the hair all cut very short."