Dreaming of someone washing their hair

What does it mean to dream of someone washing their hair? Is it good to dream of someone washing their hair? There are realistic influences and reactions to dreaming of someone else washing their hair, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The head is one of the most important body parts of a person. The brain, represents core thoughts or deep-seated desires. Washing hair in a dream represents a major change in the mind's thoughts; if the wash is happy, it indicates that the transformation is the desired result and comes from the heart; but if the wash is painful or nagging, it indicates that the current idea is not necessarily realistic and may bring trouble, or has not made up its mind to do something, or ask the dreamer to think twice before doing it. To dream of washing your hair is a sign that sorrow will be a thing of the past and that you will recently have some new insights that can solve some problems for you that you couldn't solve before. A man dreaming of washing his hair, his work woes will be resolved and a new beginning will soon be ushered in. A woman dreaming of washing her hair will be favored by the opposite sex and will be happy to get the attention of the opposite sex, thus learning to dress herself and make herself exude more charm. A businessman dreaming of washing his hair will be able to free some of his money that is trapped, although there will be a loss, but it is better than being trapped without even the opportunity to use it. The patient dreamed of washing his hair, his body will soon recover and will have a different outlook on life after this illness, he will live a more cheerful and lively life. Students dreaming of washing their hair will get very good grades and be appreciated by their elders, but they should not be proud of it. Pregnant women dreaming of washing their hair means that you are ready to give birth, nothing can scare you, have a very good state of mind, and you will certainly be able to give birth successfully."