Dreaming of speeches Speech

Dreaming of speeches What does speech mean? Do you dream of speeches or lectures? Dreams of speeches Speeches have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of a speech usually symbolizes having good relationships and foretells being famous. To dream that you are giving a speech and feel in the dream that the speech is popular and the audience is attentive or responsive indicates that the dreamer is successful in interpersonal relationships and is trusted and loved. To dream that you are listening to someone's speech with full attention means that you are good at learning new knowledge and listening to others' opinions, and the work you are responsible for performing will be carried out smoothly and your career will develop steadily. An unmarried man dreaming of a woman giving a speech at a meeting where there are many men foretells that you may marry a beautiful and capable strong woman. To dream that you are giving a speech but feel that the audience is completely incomprehensible or is addressing illiterate people, suggests that something may happen at work that hits a wall or is not understood. A dream like this for a businessman foretells that business will suffer a setback. Psychology dream interpretation Dream interpretation: Speech is the main luck. If you dream of giving a speech, you will be praised by the audience because of your eloquence, and you will be a big hit as a result. Psychological analysis: To dream of listening to someone's speech, the Lord has good luck coming. Case study of dreaming about speeches Speech Dream Description: In the dream, I was called by a classmate to listen to a speech in the school auditorium. When we arrived at the auditorium, the room was already full. The teacher was giving a very good speech, and everyone was listening intently, and there was loud applause from time to time. (Male, 20 years old) Dream Analysis: The speech in the dream represents good interpersonal relationship. If you dream that you yourself are giving a speech, justified and attractive, and the people on the stage are listening to you quietly, it indicates that you have good interpersonal relationship and are very authoritative. To dream that you are listening to someone else's speech and listening intently indicates that you are a very humble person and foretells that your plans will be carried out successfully."