Dreaming of spring excursion

What does dreaming of spring excursion mean? How about dreaming of a spring excursion? Dreams of spring excursions have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The spring trip in your dream is a symbol of work and life. The dream of a spring trip is a manifestation of your budding inner emotions. Dreams of branches sprouting and spring grass vomiting green foretell new life in your work. A dream with green leaves and flowers all over the place means that you have a colorful life. Dreaming of a tree sprouting, a good omen, love will go well. A young girl dreaming of a tree sprouting will marry a male son of her choice. A boy dreaming of a tree sprouting will marry a beautiful and virtuous woman. To dream of a dead tree giving birth to new branches is a sign that a potential threat or physical discomfort has been eliminated and your good fortune is on the rise! Married man dreaming of a newly sprouted sapling, living a happy and carefree life. A prisoner dreaming of a sprouting sapling will be released from prison. Students dreaming of sprouting saplings will succeed in exams. A businessman dreaming of a newly sprouted sapling is auspicious, and his business will be profitable in the near future."