Dreaming of strolling

What does dreaming of strolling mean? How about dreaming of strolling? There are realistic influences and reactions to dreaming of strolling, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream that you are strolling in the countryside foretells that the sorrow of being separated from your friends depresses you, but it is only idle sorrow, because the reality of your situation is that you have all that one could want. A young woman who has this dream foretells a comfortable home, however, it also foretells the death of a loved one. To dream of walking on the moon is a good symbol of increased intelligence. The mind will become clear; the examination and work will also have good results, and will be appreciated. To dream of walking in a bamboo forest indicates that you will do well in acting. Perhaps you win a prize in a school singing contest, receive a prize, or write a novel, the reading of which is appreciated by your teacher. To dream of walking in a snowy forest means that your skills are well appreciated by people around you. You may take part in a cultural performance, and you will undoubtedly be applauded. To dream of walking in the air is to indicate that you have a health problem, if you do not seek medical attention quickly, your condition will definitely worsen and you will regret it. To dream of strolling in the moonlight, if your footsteps are to the east, then it indicates that your luck will turn for the better, if your footsteps are to the west, then the situation may be worse than now. To dream of walking in a yard with trees and a pond means that things are going well in terms of friendships. You can organize a trip with your friends, and it will be a happy trip. To dream of walking on dewy water indicates good luck in love, and it is an omen of happiness that the two of them are connected and get along well. To dream of strolling on frosty dew indicates that you will win the top prize. Prizes attached to merchandise, department store raffles, lottery tickets and various other prize events are available. You may win back-to-back prizes."