Dreaming of struggle

What does dreaming of struggle mean? Is it good to dream of struggle? Dreams of struggle have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of struggle foretells that you will encounter a major change in your life; if you can achieve victory after dreaming of struggle, then you will also overcome existing confusion in reality. To dream of struggle means that there are signs of dependence on career in life, or the desire to make a career scene that is the envy of others. Struggle in a dream is a good omen. Dream of a person fighting alone, are in need of more help from others in the business, although the dreamer has a long-term plan in the business, but the business does require individuals to face more things, but also you reflect the pressure in the dream, if you have been in a one-man state, it is difficult to expand the business, the business is a group of people together to save power to success. Dream of a group of people struggling together, suggesting that you need to be in a good team, become the leader of the position, the party can go to success, but you are surrounded by a lot of villains indeed, but also let you heartache, career ability but not for the big man to appreciate, Burleigh difficult to meet a thousand horses, but also the feelings of unfulfilled ambition. Dream of struggling after toil, suggesting that you have inertia in your mind, if you do not persist in your career long enough though, it is difficult to make a career, although a short period of time to get the recognition of the people but it is difficult to meet the sincere followers."