Dreaming of studying

What does dreaming of studying mean? Is it good to dream of learning? Dreams of learning have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Students dream that they study hard, they can pass the exams successfully and get good grades. A young person dreaming of studying hard foretells a straightforward career. An elderly person dreaming of studying hard foretells good health and a happy life. To dream of studying indicates that your interest in accumulating knowledge is high. If you can save your time effectively, you will make further explorations into the world of literature, while further improving yourself. Dreaming of entering a hall, or entering a place of study, indicates that your social status will improve and you will no longer be at the bottom of the low ladder, and the money you will get with it will make you very satisfied. To dream of a learned man foretells that your companion will be a very interesting and distinguished person. A woman's dream of relating herself, in whatever way, to a learned man, foretells her ambition and extraordinary efforts to make herself among the famous."