Dreaming of studying at school

What does it mean to dream of studying at school? How about dreaming about studying in school? Dreams of studying at school have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The time of reading in school is the happiest and most beautiful, splendid and innocent, carefree. Reading represents achievement in dreams, as the old saying goes:There is a house of gold in a book, and there is a face in a book. To dream of going back to school again indicates that you are hindered in your real life by your literacy level. Dreaming of going to school may be caused by the stress of your recent life, and in the dream it reminds you of your innocent days at school. You long for real life to be like the days when you were in school. Dreaming about reading symbolizes your dissatisfaction with your current level of education and your desire for knowledge. Sometimes it is also just purely psychological, subconsciously indicating that you are motivated by your current job and also suggesting that you may have a significant income lately."