Dreaming of stunt performances

What does dreaming of stunt performances mean? How about dreaming of stunt performances? Dreams of stunt shows have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream that you are doing stunts expresses an emotion of venting. It often indicates that your life or work is very stressful in the near future and you are longing for relief inside. Dreaming that you are acting, you will be able to slip up and be good at bending the rules. A woman dreaming that she acts in a play is restless in her family life and will be abandoned by her husband. Dreaming that you play a musical instrument but the listener is sad and will offend your friends. A woman dreamed that she was singing, but there was no audience and she was going to spill her hands. A young man dreaming of a lover playing music or singing with a pleasant singing voice will bring peace to his life and also dispel his sorrows and worries. Dreaming of a magic show, you will be fooled and cheated. I dreamt that I was performing magic and that I was able to see through all the confusion in front of me and finally overcome the enemy."