Dreaming of sweating

What does dreaming of sweating mean? Is it good to dream of sweating? Dreams of sweating have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of sweating or cold sweat is a sign that you will get sick. A patient dreaming of sweating will not get better in a short time. A staff member dreaming of sweating foretells that he or she is under too much pressure at work recently and needs a good rest. To dream that you are drenched in sweat indicates that you are very tired and already very weak mentally and physically in the near future. This is a precursor to falling ill, so take care to rest in the near future. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation Dreaming of dry sweat is very auspicious, and the main body is clothed in a luxurious robe. The Interpretation of Dreams and Forests Dreams of sweat flowing underground, bad, the omen of the loss of earth. If there is a big drought in the year, the dream has rain. The Interpretation of Dreams and Forests Dreams of sweat like rain, auspicious, the city is lively image. Dream Forest Interpretation Dreams of sweat like pearls, evil. Dreams of this matter does not work, the disaster is not solved, the lawsuit is punished, the disease is difficult to heal. The Dream Forest Interpretation Dreams of sweat and dirty clothes are very auspicious, the main fever is eliminated. The Interpretation of Dreams and Forests Dreams of sweat staining clothes. If a patient dreams of this, it is a sign of elimination of fever. The Secretaries of Dream Interpretation Dreaming of sweating all over the body is very auspicious. There will be no calamities and illnesses will be cured. Dream Forest Interpretation To dream of sweating all over one's body is the main reason for eliminating disasters and removing illnesses. The Secretaries of Dream Interpretation Sweating on the body is the main evil. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: Like palpitations, sweating in dreams is a symbol of fear. In most cases, sweating occurs in dreams and there is a very unpleasant feeling when you wake up. Psychoanalysis: If you find yourself sweating in your dream, it indicates that you are aware of your reaction to external stimuli. You are aware that you must begin to deal with your feelings and fears. Mental symbols: mental tension can be expressed through physical reactions such as sweating, here suggesting exhaustion."