Dreaming of swimming

What does dreaming of swimming mean? Do you dream of swimming? Dreams of swimming have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of swimming indicates good health. Sometimes has a sexual connotation. To dream that you are swimming in the sea is a sign of good health, energy and a desire for challenges. In the work of the courage to open up new situations, the previous do not do well, but also dare to try again; in love can also be active to obtain gains. To dream that you are swimming in a river indicates that you are strong and powerful. If you dream that you swim across the river, it foretells that you will be successful in your career and become famous. However, if you dream that your wife swims across the river, it suggests that there will be a gap between the couple. To dream of a friend swimming across a river may foretell that your friend will abandon you and part ways with you. Dreaming that your adversary swam across the river predicts that you will be able to defeat your opponent. A traveler dreaming that he is swimming across a river foretells that his trip will be successfully completed. To dream of an animal swimming across a river foretells good work, increased income and smooth business. To dream of accidentally meeting someone while swimming naked suggests that you may encounter an accident that will cause you great embarrassment and it is advisable to act cautiously in the near future to avoid embarrassment. If you dream that the water is clear and calm when you swim, it usually indicates good news and a stable and comfortable life. If, when swimming, you feel that the water is murky, or there are wind and waves, it suggests that you may be under pressure, face difficulties, or be sent to solve difficult problems left by others. Pregnant women dreaming of swimming, in the interpretation of the Zhou Gong fetal dream, is a sign that the child will be born healthy; but if the dream swimming is very strenuous, it represents a kind of stress for the dreamer, also indicates that the dreamer's health is not very good, it is best to go for a checkup. The swimming in a pregnant woman's dream symbolizes her "amniotic fluid", which means that she is worried about whether her baby is growing healthily in her belly. A pregnant woman dreaming of someone swimming represents that she can get through her pregnancy in a healthy way and have a smooth delivery. If a pregnant woman dreams that she is swimming across a river, it means that she will encounter some difficulties in her life. Pregnant women who have this dream should be more careful in their lives in the near future. A pregnant woman dreaming that she is swimming in the sea also represents that she can give birth to a healthy baby without any problems and that the baby will achieve something later. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation Swimming in the lake, the Lord will break his fortune. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou Psychology dream interpretation Dream interpretation: If you dream of swimming, this is closely related to diving (dream about diving). If you swim against the current, this is a symbol of you doing something against your nature. A fish swimming in water symbolizes seeds and the desire to conceive. If you are in clear water, it indicates that you are going through a purification process. Conversely, if you are swimming in dark water, this may symbolize a demoralized will. Psychoanalysis: Water and swimming are always related to your feelings. If you are "floating" in the air, it has to do with intelligence. If you dream that you are a good swimmer, it symbolizes your ability to navigate emotional scenes. If you dream that you are a poor swimmer, it may indicate that you must learn to handle your feelings more positively and optimistically. Spiritual symbolism: On a spiritual level, swimming in a dream symbolizes the ups and downs of emotions. Emotions are only one aspect of human existence, which should neither be overestimated nor underestimated. Case study of dreaming of swimming Dream description: Among all the sports, I like swimming competitions the most. Once I had a particularly funny dream, I dreamed that a man and a woman were holding hands and swimming with only one hand. I asked what kind of swimming it was, and my friend told me that it was called "synchronized swimming". (Male, 32 years old) Dream interpretation: A dream about swimming foretells that good luck is about to come to you, suggesting that you will have a prosperous business and happy love. To dream of teaching someone to swim indicates that your material wealth will be increased. A man dreaming of swimming indicates that things will go smoothly for you. A woman dreaming of swimming foretells that your love and marriage will be happy and prosperous. If you dream of diving sports, it is a symbol of satisfaction or dissatisfaction. To dream of diving is a symbol of travel and news, indicating that your heart is filled with intense curiosity. For a male to dream of diving indicates that you have an adventurous mentality. For a woman to dream of diving indicates that you are a romantic person."