Dreaming of swinging

What does dreaming of swinging mean? How about dreaming about swinging? Dreams of swinging have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Swinging has a comforting effect in dreams, in the same way that rocking a child to sleep does. Swinging may also suggest a childlike, innocent demeanor, which connects the dreamer to the natural rhythm of life. When the dreamer needs solace, he will be happy to be held in his arms and rocked gently. This gentle action puts the dreamer in touch with his spiritual center. If the dreamer dreams that he is rocking someone, it indicates giving comfort. The swing symbolizes the transition phase. This action contains hesitation and request. In addition, swinging is a symbol of harvest. Case study of dreaming of swinging Dream description: When I was small, I often went to swing with my cousin, swinging leisurely, swinging my childhood happiness and dreams. Once, in my dream, I felt like I was back in my childhood, sitting on the swing, my heart was full of happiness. (Female, 20 years old) Dream Analysis: Swinging in a dream is a symbol of ease and progress. The dream of swinging is a form of expression of your thoughts among your heart. To dream of a swing that swings leisurely indicates that you are at peace with yourself and live a peaceful and happy life. To dream of a floating swing is a sign that you will have to go through a turbulent period before you can make progress."