Dreaming of sword dancing

What does dreaming of sword dancing mean? Is it good to dream of dancing with a sword? There are realistic influences and reactions to dreaming of sword dancing, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming that you are dancing with a sword indicates that you are an ambitious person, but usually not willing to reveal it to others, hoping that you will be able to lie down and one day deliver a beautiful performance that will impress others. To dream of dancing with a sword signifies your ambition or something you are looking forward to. To dream of dancing with a sword in front of others is a sign that you have ambition and will be a great success. To dream of a woman dancing with a sword implies that you are a pleasure-seeking person. To dream of someone dancing with a sword means that you will be inspired by others. A businessman dreaming of dancing with a sword foretells that your business will be big."