Dreaming of tennis

What does dreaming of tennis mean? Is it good to dream of a tennis ball? Dreams of tennis have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreams of tennis usually indicate mental relaxation and a happy life, in addition to being related to human interaction. To dream of watching someone play tennis is a sign of a happy life and happy relationships. A man dreaming that he is playing tennis suggests that he will increase his expenses. A married woman dreaming that she plays tennis indicates that she and her children are healthy and happy in life. An unmarried woman dreaming of playing tennis reminds you to be cautious about your feelings and not to marry a man with an incompatible personality because of a passing fancy. To dream of watching a tennis match is a sign that the effort you put in, and your qualities, will be recognized and loved by everyone. To dream that you are participating in a tennis tournament means that you are well liked by people. A student dreaming of playing ball suggests that he cannot relax in his studies in the near future, foretelling a drop in grades and the possibility of failing. A businessman dreaming of playing ball means that he has a lot of money and profits, and he is like a fish in the business world."