Dreaming of threshing grain

Dreaming of threshing grain what does it mean? How is it to dream of threshing grain? Dreaming of threshing grain has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of threshing grain means you will make progress in your career and your family life will be full of laughter as a result. If you dream of a large number of rice fields that produce only a very small number of grains, it means that the business you are working for will be futile. To dream of a mechanical breakdown or an unexpected situation while threshing grain indicates that you will have a major change in your life that will bring you great pain after you become rich. To dream of harvesting rice is a sign of success in business. If you dream of harvesting rice, you will be able to expect lucky intercourse between men and women. However, you should definitely avoid dating on a rainy day because you are likely to be involved in a traffic accident. To dream of an enemy harvesting rice is an ominous sign that the enemy will create obstacles for you. A businessman dreaming of harvesting rice is going to open up to a new business point and be able to make a big fortune. Married men who dream of harvesting rice will give birth to a beautiful boy."