Dreaming of throwing eggs

What does dreaming of throwing eggs mean? Do you dream of throwing eggs? Dreaming of throwing eggs has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the dreamer's subjective imagination. Dreaming of throwing eggs and elevated eggs means rapid growth of property and a chance of great wealth. To dream of throwing an egg into water suggests that a water-related business will be profitable. To dream of a broken egg means that a dispute over property will cause a quarrel or even a lawsuit. People who have such a dream should take proper care of their property and make a detailed list. Dreaming of throwing eggs as balls, to become a millionaire. To dream of piles of eggs foretells that the dreamer will have a good financial income, or if he is in business, his business will flourish. Dreaming of eating eggs is a great tonic. Usually women who are pregnant and sitting on the moon eat eggs for tonicity. It usually indicates that the dreamer is aware that she is deficient in some way, at a disadvantage, and needs to improve. It could also be that the dreamer realizes that she needs to keep improving, adding to her knowledge and gaining experience. To dream of taking eggs, but the shells are soft and one is broken. This dream indicates that the dreamer has a chance to get a big fortune in the near future, but due to his own mistakes, the good thing will easily become empty; or he feels that the time is not ripe, he has no confidence in himself and hesitates, and loses the best time to get rich. When you dream that an egg is broken, the egg also represents small hopes, things to be cultivated. It reflects that the dreamer may not pay attention to details and has a big personality, and may often fail to do a successful job because he or she overlooked the details and caused others to be upset with him or her. This is usually a dream of reflection and emotional expression. To dream of robbing eggs from others reminds the dreamer that if he uses unethical means to cheat others of their property, he will be accused of being a liar and should be strict with himself. Dreaming of collecting eggs, in addition to representing financial luck, eggs also represent new plans and unknown possibilities. To dream of collecting eggs is mostly a good thing, indicating that a new opportunity has arisen, but one needs to be able to seize it well and also to work harder to make it better. To dream of a chicken laying an egg is a sign that the dreamer's labor, his own efforts, will be rewarded with a happy ending, which is the same as his own expectations, and will bring him a great financial reward."