Dreaming of transfer

What does dreaming of transfer mean? How about dreaming about transfer? Dreams of transferring have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of someone transferring jobs foretells that you may suffer losses. To dream that you apply for a job transfer to your company or leader is an ominous sign that you will encounter sorrow and disaster. A man dreaming that he has been transferred to a different job foretells that he will be promoted or receive an increase in salary or bonus. Dreaming that you are transferring a job for someone else will create a disconnect with your friend. A woman dreaming that her husband has moved to a different job foretells a harmonious and happy married life. Psychology dream interpretation Dream interpretation: transfer, meaning a change in life, dreams of transfer represents the good and bad can not be generalized. Transfer in the dream there are good and bad. Psychological analysis: A man dreaming that he has transferred his job will be promoted and increase his salary. To dream that someone transfers his job, he may suffer losses and may lose his job. To dream of applying for a job transfer is an ominous sign that one may encounter sorrow and disaster. To dream that one makes an effort to transfer someone to another job, one may become separated from one's friends. A woman dreaming that her husband is transferred to another job has a harmonious and happy married life. A prisoner dreaming that he is transferred to another prison will be released from prison soon. Case study of dreaming about transfer Dream Description: Ms. Wei, a middle-aged woman, dreamed that her unit was going to transfer some people to another unknown unit, which was in Guoxib, and she was also named to be transferred out, and it was said that her husband was transferred out together with her. Because she didn't know whether it was good or bad to go, she also approached their personnel minister to ask about it. In the dream, she cried a lot and woke up with a very sad feeling. Dream Analysis: First of all, from the dream image, although you feel sad in the dream, it is an auspicious dream. Transferring out of the country means the promotion of the situation, so something good will happen and the dreamer may meet a noble person in the near future. He will fulfill the dreamer's wishes, such as a promotion. But if not, someone will also prevent the dreamer's promotion. This depends on the dreamer's husband, with whom the dreamer has to work closely and honestly to fulfill his wishes. This dream is a mixture of good and bad, but things are in the hands of people, as long as the dreamer does not trouble himself, the future is still bright."