Dreaming of vacation

What does dreaming of vacation mean? How about dreaming of vacation? Dreams of vacation have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. An employee dreaming of a vacation will live a happy and prosperous life. Taking time off without leave means promotion and salary increase. A married woman dreaming that her husband is on vacation worries about her husband's illness all day long. Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: If you dream that you go on vacation, it indicates personal needs and recovery and satisfaction without having to take care of others. Psychoanalysis: People's desire for independence and freedom from responsibility is often expressed in dreams as a vacation. Vacation - for most people, it is almost "happy as a god" days. This symbol also warns you that you are overloaded. A few days of freedom are good for exploring new horizons. Spiritual symbolism: on this level, a dream vacation is like a spiritual "refueling", it symbolizes rest and recuperation."