Dreaming of victory

What does dreaming of victory mean? How about dreaming of victory? Dreams of victory have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of a lively scene after the army has won a battle or victory is a sign of receiving good news and good luck. In addition, if you dream of winning in battle, it also indicates that you will pass a major test. If you dream of winning a competition in a shopping mall, it is a sign that you will face a new competitor. Dreaming of a triumphant completion of a task at work implies that you are not satisfied with your current work performance and wish to achieve better results. To dream that you win a victory means that you will successfully defend yourself against a conspiratorial attack by your opponent and will also reap the gift of love from the woman you have been pursuing. Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: Dreams of victory can have multiple causes. It may be related to the fact that you resolved problems and conflicts between two sides of your ego. The sense of accomplishment you experience through the victory in your dream can carry over into real life and prompt you to develop confidence in your ability to do so. Psychoanalysis: The victory in your dream symbolizes that you have overcome the obstacles you have set up. You often have to go through a "trial run", that is, an image of your ability. This helps you to achieve success easily in the waking state. Spiritual symbolism: If you get a spiritual gain, it will manifest in the dream as a victory of one kind or another."