Dreaming of wage increases

What does dreaming of wage increases mean? How about dreaming of a salary increase? Dreaming of a salary increase has realistic implications and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of a salary increase is an ominous sign of a salary cut. Or it foretells that the dreamer will have difficulties in life in the near future and is struggling for money. In the dream they got a pay raise as they wished, indicating that the dreamer can not be complacent, and more importantly, they must work hard, otherwise they may lower their rank. Dreaming of spending as much as you want after a salary increase suggests that the dreamer should be frugal in reality. Dreaming of a payday is a sign that you are very short of money recently and want to be paid very much To dream of paying someone's salary indicates that the dreamer will have a sum of money coming in. To dream that someone refuses to pay one's salary symbolizes that the dreamer will instead receive an unexpected income. Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: People can get the appropriate salary by working. To dream that you get a salary means that you are working very well in real life. To dream that you are paying someone else's salary indicates that you still owe someone else a payment. In addition, the pay bag in your dream reflects your dedication to your job. Psychoanalysis: On a spiritual level, the salary in your dream represents the reward you deserve."