Dreaming of walking with a torch

What does dreaming of walking with a torch mean? Do you dream of walking with a torch? Dreaming of walking with a torch has realistic implications and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The "torchbearer" in the dream already makes you feel very beautiful, right, and what's more, this dream means that your love is also on the rise. The person who has ignored your care for years will suddenly be impressed by your true feelings. Oh, it seems that putting a long line to catch a big fish is also one of the secrets to pursuing love. To dream of a torch, there is an upward trend in love. People who initially ignore you will be impressed by your true feelings. Putting a long line to catch a big fish is also the secret to pursuing love. Dreaming of burning candles, there are health problems. Pay particular attention to the possibility of trauma and fractures. Be especially careful if you ride a bike to school or work. To dream that there is a star fire in the darkness suggests that your new plan will go well. If you are trying to start learning conversational English, calligraphy, guitar, piano, etc., it foretells that you will be successful. If you dream of a burning fire, you will become more passionate in love. The two of you can't be satisfied with just letters and phone conversations, so you have to date every day. But the enthusiasm is inevitable to burn, don't forget to be calm sometimes. Dreaming of climbing high and looking at a distant flame, the possibility of making a mistake due to negligence is high. Remembering the time of the appointment wrongly, you end up making the other person wait for an hour ...... like this kind of thing, don't let it happen. Dreaming of fireworks in the sky indicates that good things will happen to family members. For example, the father's position is promoted, increased salary, etc.. Of course, your pocket money will also increase. Dreaming of a fireball flying in the air, having a very sharp intuition. You can guess the test questions accurately and you will have unexpectedly good results. Dreaming of burning mountains, there is the phase of water difficulties. Should try to avoid approaching the sea, lakes, rivers and other places with water. Do not think that swimming pools are safe, swimming pools are also dangerous. There is a possibility of theft, and money and valuables should be managed with care. Especially in the carriages to and from, watch out for pickpockets. Dreaming of a fire burning your home will make you rich in material things. The things you want may be available in recent days, but they are never money. Dreaming that you become a firefighter while putting out a fire, the trend of money luck declines. At this time, do not lend money to others, will not want 1 back. Do not borrow money from others either, Po may become the cause of a dispute against the purpose. To dream of fireworks falling on you is a poisonous sign that you are easily tempted. Cigarettes and wine, you also want to taste. You are still late adult and must discipline yourself with a strong will. Dreaming of rescuing someone from a fire is bound to be good in terms of friendships. Your troubles, will have a friend to share your worries, or genuinely care about your body, etc., this kind of friend, but very rare yo!"