Dreaming of washing my own hair

What does it mean to dream of washing my own hair? How about dreaming that you wash your own hair? Dreaming of washing one's own hair has realistic implications and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dream of washing hair is to wash away the bad luck. Dreaming of washing your hair or combing your hair indicates that sorrow or illness is far away from you. Dreaming that you wash your hair, it is obvious that you wash your hair means that you want to sort out your thoughts on doing things to make yourself more clear-headed and think clearly and quickly. If there is dandruff in your hair, it means that you should have some troubles recently and you want to wash away the troubles. In fact, many times, often the authorities are confused by the onlookers, if you really encounter trouble confusion, and do not know how to solve, then try to say to friends and family, listen to their advice, I believe that they will let their own thoughts suddenly open up, may soon find a way to get rid of distress. Dreaming of washing your hair indicates that you can have a promotion at work recently, and if you happened to be sick a while ago, it is a symbol of healing. Dreaming of washing one's hair represents a quest for the emotional aspect of the self and a search for effective handling of the self."