Dreaming of wearing clothes

What does dreaming of wearing clothes mean? How about dreaming of wearing clothes? There are realistic influences and reactions to dreaming of wearing clothes, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of wearing clothes usually indicates that you have a deep-seated desire for change. (Official website of Zhou Gong Dream Interpretation) Dreaming of wearing beautiful clothes suggests that you desire to show a better side in front of others, but in real life, it feels a little less than you would like. Dreaming of putting on newly bought clothes may be due to the recent work or study stress and health is declining. Perhaps a little overworked or sleep deprived, pay attention to rest and nutrition in the near future. Dreaming that your jeans are too tight to fit in suggests that your extensive social activities, and excessive socializing, may have strained your finances a bit. To dream that you feel shame because you are dressed out of fashion, in the rustic, foretells that you will meet your beloved, start a relationship, or become closer to your lover. Dreaming that you are dressed shabbily and shabbily indicates that you do not get along well with people around you or feel unpopular. Perhaps at work, you do more than others, work harder, but do not get more praise and higher pay than those who do nothing, and thus are bitter inside. To dream that you are wearing unsuitable clothes suggests that you feel you have been in an unsuitable situation and wish to be relieved. To dream that you have torn your clothes suggests that you may subconsciously hate yourself somewhat or desire to change the status quo and detach from your current circumstances."