Dreaming of working

What does dreaming of working mean? How about dreaming about work? Dreams of work have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. If you dream of working, you will have water difficulties. Should try to avoid approaching the sea, lakes, rivers and other places with water. Do not think that swimming pools are safe, swimming pools are also dangerous. There is a possibility of theft. Money and valuables should be managed with care. Especially in the carriages to and from, watch out for pickpockets. A child dreaming of work will have a bad time in the near future. Be patient and build up your strength to wait for the bad luck to pass and good luck to come. Rich people dream of doing manual labor and have to go on a trip. According to the Bible, labor is a punishment from God to the world, and working all day long is enough to make ends meet. In the dream, labor means a misfortune. Dreaming of being a manual laborer, an unfortunate day is coming. A married woman dreaming of doing unskilled physical work will give birth to a girl. Patients dream of doing unfamiliar physical work and their bodies will recover quickly."