Dreaming of a crown

What does dreaming of a crown mean? Is it good to dream of a crown? Dreaming of a crown has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of wearing a crown on your head is a good omen for gaining achievement, fame and money. To dream of a crown foretells a change in one's lifestyle and habits. The dreamer will travel far from home, make a long trip and make new friends. Sometimes, this dream is also a bad prophecy, foretelling a fatal disease break. To dream that you are wearing a crown foretells the loss of personal money. To dream of putting a crown on someone else indicates that you yourself are an honorable and admirable person. Dreams of kings, emperors, presidents, chairmen, and powerful people all belong to king dreams. The king is in charge of the people and solves their problems. To dream of a king is an auspicious dream among auspicious dreams. Dreaming of sitting opposite the king in the palace and talking with him will bring you good luck. People who are stuck in a difficult situation and can't find the answer will find the answer and solve the problem smoothly. In the future, there will be a series of happy events in the family, especially for entrepreneurs, who will take their business to the next level with the help of their partners. Dreaming that you are wearing a bathrobe to meet the king will make your wishes come true with the help of a powerful person or nobleman. Dreaming of kneeling to the king will lead to promotion, special promotion, honorary promotion or gaining wealth and power. To dream that the king summons you, implies that there will be unexpected happy events at home. Dreaming of having dinner with a king, you will be reappointed by an industrialist or a powerful person to prove your strength to people and win their favor. Dreaming of a king sitting in a house, happy events will happen at home. With the help of relatives or noble people, there is a possibility that something favorable will happen to your children, and at the same time bring you fortune; it is also a sign of forming a harmonious family in the future and spending a happy life in laughter. To dream of the king giving wine suggests that the efforts you have been making will come to fruition and you will be promoted to a wealthy position or occupy an important position. The housewife dreamed that her husband would be promoted, promoted to a higher position, promoted to a higher position or elected as a leader. To dream of a prince or a prince summoned to see you, implies that a happy event will happen in your family in the near future, and that you will be recognized by people around you or your colleagues and appointed to an important position, showing your ability and talent to people. To dream of having a conversation with a king suggests that one will achieve fame and fortune with the favor of God or ancestors. In the future, what you have always dreamed of will become a reality, and it is possible that you will be on the road to prosperity with the help of others or noble people. Dreaming of receiving documents and other items from the king is likely to result in a promotion, broken promotion or honorary promotion in personnel appointments and dismissals. The contribution you have been making may be recognized by your superiors. To dream of shaking hands with a king suggests the realization of one's heart's desires with the help of a nobleman or a person of strength. To dream of paying homage to a king suggests that good news will come in the near future, and that there is a possibility of being given a heavy responsibility in the near future, being transferred to work abroad or in a foreign country, and receiving respect and recognition from others. To dream of arguing with the king means that you may lose your freedom because of inappropriate words. To dream of being a king means that you may encounter a lot of conflicts and will fight with your family."