Dreaming of a cupboard

What does dreaming of a cupboard mean? Is it good to dream of a cupboard? Dreams of cupboards have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of an empty cupboard suggests a difficult time. If you dream of a cupboard full, it indicates an increase in income and a generous life. To dream that the cupboard is full of shiny and clean plates indicates a happy marriage and a happy life. Case study of dreaming of a cupboard Dream Description: In the dream, my wife had prepared a meal and asked me to go to the cupboard to get the bowls. I opened the cupboard and saw how the cupboard was empty. I was surprised, yesterday the cupboard was fine, how today it was empty all of a sudden. When I woke up in a hurry, I realized it was a dream. (Male, 33 years old) Dream Analysis: The cupboard in the dream is a symbol of comfortable life. To dream that the cupboard is full is a sign that you are living a comfortable and comfortable life. To dream that the cupboard is empty indicates that you will encounter small difficulties in your current life. To dream of putting bowls into the cupboard means that you have achieved benefits through your own efforts. If you dream of a bowl, its meaning depends on the specific situation. If the bowl is empty, it implies that something is not exactly to your liking; if the bowl is full, it indicates that your heart will be in the right place and everything will go as you wish. To dream of chopsticks represents the achievement of excellent performance. To dream of a vegetable dish represents good luck and love. To dream of a spoon is a symbol of happiness and health."