Dreaming of a fish tank

What does it mean to dream of a fish tank? How about dreaming of a fish tank? Dreams of fish tanks have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. If you dream that the fish tank is empty, you will be worried and unhappy. Dreaming of a fish tank full of water, life will be rich. Dreaming of a fish tank full of beautiful ornaments will bring you a lot of money. Dreaming of a new fish tank, you will become famous in all directions. Dreaming of loading into a fish tank, business will improve. Dreaming of giving a fish tank to someone else, you will be cheated or lose part of your property. Case study of dreaming of a fish tank Dream description: I dreamed that there were many fish in the fish tank and conch, I also saw fish swimming, what does it mean? Dream Analysis: To dream that you have many fish in a fish tank represents that you are rich, including spiritually fulfilling."